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Creative Content Writer

Creative Content Writer

We are a fast growing digital marketing company, your role is to do research and create content for our various clients. We have our presence in a variety of industries from Fintech and Banking to Travel and Tourism. Simply put, we are looking for creative people to write great content.


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Junior Designer

UI/UX Design

We believe that common sense is special. That’s why we are looking for designers who can create memorable things that make sense to the people who share it, work on it, and even those who skip over it. Makes sense?! Then, show us your portfolio.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

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Why work at Matsio?

First of all, why not? But also for the following reasons

Great Work

Creating great things takes a lot of effort and teamwork. And that’s why we want to hire you. We can talk around it, but at the end of the day, this is why we want to hire you. We can work together to create something great every day. (not literally of course — not on weekends or holidays or whatever, but you get the idea).

What makes our work great?

Work is great only when it has a purpose, solves a problem, or connects with people. Sure, winning awards and achieving great results are nice. But that's not the only driving force behind our works. We want our works to have an impact, help someone and their lives easier or fun.

Who do we work with?

We partner with industry leaders and startups who are transforming news, payments, entertainment, communication, transportation, fashion, and more. We take pride in helping them out in every step they take.

How are we growing?

Since 2017, we are on a steady growth with an interesting list of clientele and we’re not slowing down any time soon. With such growth, we are keen on maintaining our culture or quality in all our works.

Strong Culture.

Culture is a pretty strong word and people throw it around a lot.
At Matsio, we take culture very seriously. It is what we are and what we do. Sure, there is still a lot for us to improve. But, we have set some fundamentals to help us achieve it and we think that’s a pretty good start.

Values matter

Our values are not just corporate rules. We find human emotions and experiences valuable as well. They inspire us and help us cultivate a culture that continues to create great work. We support and uphold these values and they resonate in all our works.

Diversity is our strength

The people of Matsio come from different backgrounds and different walks of life. We believe that this cultural vibrancy adds more richness and layers to our works. We believe people from different backgrounds can support each other and create better work together.

And More...

Yes! There’s more. We love talking. So, we frequently discuss things other than work too- politics, art, movies and everything else. We have a lot of team outings, often at the best restaurants in the city. We also have plenty of free snacks and drinks at the office all the time.