Order of M

In a world where information can be oversaturated, having a reliable source of knowledge is important. This online platform study the three means of ordering information through speaker series, course offerings, scholarship opportunities, and collaborative projects at top universities.

The three means of ordering information

The Order of Multitudes, a Mellon Sawyer Seminar for 2020-21 at Yale University, dives into the genealogy of big data. By studying the long history of attempts to contain data within the genres of atlas, encyclopedias, and museums, we hope to reimagine the making of universal knowledge as an inclusive, egalitarian, historically grounded, and ethically charged enterprise.

What We Did

Homepage animation
Scroll-activated head animation
Interactive event calender



Website Development

Homepage animation

In order to showcase the three means of ordering information, an animation is built on the hero section of the homepage. It is completely made from code.

Scroll-activated head animation

When the user scrolls down, the header slowly transitions into its expanded version. The full logo appears and the header color changes from transparent to a vibrant gradient of blue and pink.

Interactive event calendar

Select the date and view events on an innovative event calendar interface