Obsqura Zone

Today’s working professionals are constantly upskilling to get better professional opportunities and accelerate career growth. In a crowded niche of online training platforms, making your brand stand out for such a tech-savvy audience requires a robust website that is distinguishable, SEO-friendly, and interactive.

Teaching new technologies and skills

Obsqura Zone is one of the leading software testing training institutes in Kerala. They are a team of veterans who are providing online and offline training in test automation for both freshers and working professionals. They offer customized training solutions and certifications globally to clients with specific needs. They also provide tailor-made corporate training on emerging and in-demand technologies. With 24*7 assistance, Obsqura Zone is keen on helping its students make the right career advancements and achieve better career growth.

What We Did




Our Approach

Obsqura Zone had a website that showcased their courses, testimonials, recent placements, gallery, and other details. The Testimonials and Recent Placements sections helped them a lot in attracting new students. The website was plain and had several disadvantages. It provided neither any competitive advantage nor a strong online presence. As they are a company catering software testing training courses to tech-savvy customers, this was a huge drawback.

Obsqura Zone approached Matsio to design and develop a new website that is distinguishable,
SEO-friendly, and interactive. Some of the key elements that we wanted to improve included:

  1. The Testimonials and Recent Placements sections needs to presented better.
  2. A dynamic list was needed to make it easier for users to find courses.
  3. A system was needed to address the various clients coming from different countries.
  4. The interface needed to be easy-to-understand and dynamic.




Interactive testimonials section

Video testimonials and recent placements are presented in an interactive section. The testimonials are in a 9:16 aspect ratio. This ratio was purposefully chosen to give the users the a similar feel of using IG stories or reels. The recent placements are shown on the left side as a vertical slider. It has the client’s image, name, designation, and also their testimonial in words.

Location-based changes

Other than India, Obsqura Zone also has clients from countries like UAE, the UK, and Australia. Based on the location of the user, the phone number on the website will automatically change. You can also manually find the contact number for a different country by clicking on the dropdown arrow near it. Clicking on the number will automatically initiate the call.

The currency of the course prices will also change according to the location.

Learning paths

A dynamic list that helps users to find courses based on the technology or software they are looking to learn. Selecting a particular technology will automatically show the course related to it and the software they will be learning in that particular course.

Interactive tabs and scrolls

The different tabs and scrolls throughout the website are eye-catching and interactive. Though each one has its own purpose, our design thinking is for it to create a general theme throughout the website.

Dynamic course schedules

Schedules and modes of delivery of each course are presented in a simple and easy-to-understand interface. They can be filtered according to the day or the different modes of delivery.