Rahul Dravid

Celebrities are brands of their own. Creating a website for them means representing their personality and brand characteristics. It should resonate with the same impact they have in the real world.

A wall for ‘The Wall’

Rahul Dravid is a former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team. In August 2011 Dravid declared his retirement from ODIs as well as Twenty20 International (T20I), and in March 2012, he announced his retirement from international and first-class cricket. Rahul Dravid was honored during the seventh annual Bradman Awards function in Sydney on 1 November 2012. Dravid has also been honored with the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan award, India’s fourth and third-highest civilian awards respectively.

What We Did




Our Approach

Rahul Dravid’s personal website keeps track of his various projects since his retirement and provides a means for his fans to stay connected with him. We wanted the website to look elegant and appealing to his audience.



The five square menu

One of the very interesting and at-the-time challenging aspects of this design is the 2×3 grid layout on the home page.
The five grids acts as a menu that takes to the five different pages of the website. Images inside the grid changes randomly and it is in black and white until you hover over them.

Bespoke audio player

Most pages of the site have a small audio clip embedded. It details the content you can expect on the page. The player is built using an HTML5 audio tag and a little audiojs.